With this duo you’ll eat exactly what you need

Based on the recommended daily intake (RDI*) of nutrients needed in one day, our Light Duo Pack contains 100% vitamins, 80% minerals, 100% antioxidants and 70% omegas 3&6. This is the perfect mix of nutrients that contributes to the maintenance of your body and the release of energy. With a Duo Pack Light which contains a shake and a nut and fruit bar you’ll eat over 504 kcal spread over two eating moments. This is ideal for those who want to reach or maintain their goal weight. With a Shake2Day breakfast you’ll consume everything you need for a healthy start of the day!

Addicted to Coffee? No problem! We have put extra caffeine in our Breakfast Shake Cappuccino. Ideal for breakfast so that your body can absorb and burn all important nutrients throughout the day.

The Light Shake and the Break are made from nature friendly ingredients and ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

  • Cappuccino
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

Product characteristics

  • Vegan
  • 504 kcal per Duo Pack
  • Vitamins 100% RDI*
  • Minerals 80% RDI*
  • Omega 3&6 70% RDI*
  • Rich in protein
  • Rich in fibre
  • *RDI = Reference Daily Intake
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Shake2Day Light Duo Pack consists of a healthy Shake that goes together with our delicious nut and fruit bar, the Break. Simply replace your breakfast with a shake and you’ll consume a large part of your recommended amount of nutrients. Eat a Break as a snack and you’ll have consumed 100% vitamins and 80% minerals. Shake2Day Light Duo Pack is completely vegan and meets all requirements in terms of food safety, food quality, health and nutritional values. Shake2Day also saves you valuable time in the morning. You can make a full breakfast in less than a minute! 

Fill the Shakerbottle with 200 ml of water and add 75 grams (1 bag) of Shake2Day Light. Close the Shakerbottle and shake until the powder is completely dissolved. You’ll have a super healthy meal ready within 1 minute. Eat yourself to a healthy lifestyle but keep in mind that you eat every 2.5 hours. As a 10 AM meal and / or as a 4 PM meal you take the Break as a healthy snack. This keeps your sugar level where it needs to be. Your body is then able to burn enough energy so that you can get the best out of your day! It cannot hurt if you consume more nutrients than the recommended daily intake (RDI*). Your body will get rid of the unnecessary amount of substances simply through the feces. Shake2Day is the perfect addition to your daily diet.


Soy-protein isolate


Algae Oil


Nutritional value per meal








Omega 3&6




The Light shake and the Break are completely free of animal products.

Full Meal

The shake and the break together provide enough nutrients to replace a full meal.

High Quality

With care, Shake2Day products are produced and controlled. This way we ensure you the highest quality.

Made in the Netherlands

We produce in the Netherlands according to the General Foods Regulation (ALV) and guarantee a reliable food product.

Rich in Protein

The Light shake together with the Break contains more than 60% of your RDI* of proteins.

Source of Fibers

The Duo Pack contains 29% of your RDI* of fibers.