Our body uses protein to make all its muscles and other tissues, to generate enzymes, hormones, immune system components, nucleic acids and cellular messengers. Proteins are therefore good for us because it produces calories and amino acids. In total there are 20 amino acids that form proteins. 8 of these are essential. We have to get these through our diet because the body can’t make them themselves.
We distinguish between animal and vegetable proteins. To determine the value of a protein, we look at the biological value of proteins. This biological value says something about the composition of the amino acids in the protein. The more this composition matches our body protein, the more valuable the source is for us.

The biological value ranges from 0 to 100. A value of 100 means that the protein source has an amino acid profile that is very similar to our body protein, and therefore very valuable to us.
For Shake2Day Sport we use whey protein concentrate with a biological value between 110-125 (it is therefore “more valuable” than an egg with a value of 100). Whey proteins are therefore also superfast absorbed from our body.
For Shake2Day Light and Regular we use soy protein isolate with a biological value between 70-80. We further add these shakes with pumpkin protein and chia protein. Shake2Day Light and Shake2Day Regular are 100% vegan.