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Our lives are busier than ever. In a world full of changes we’re constantly racing against the clock. A lot of times there is very little time in between different activities, which frequently causes preparing a healthy meal to be skipped. Instead it is becoming increasingly common to choose for a quick bite on the go, which is usually quite unhealthy. Starting the day with a healthy meal is therefore more important than ever. Eating a super-healthy and nutritious breakfast is the perfect thing to wake-up to after a long, good night of sleep. It is a critical meal because it influences practically every dimension of your being during the course of the day, including how you perform physically and mentally.

Our Shake2Day Duo Packs are unique. We are, as of right now, the only ones on the market who offer a breakfast combination of a shake and a nut & fruit bar (our Break). The pack is ideal for a busy start of your day where you don’t have time to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal.

1. Eat it all at once, or divide it into 2 snack moments?

It is scientifically proven that it’s better to divide one meal into 2 two separate snack moments. It is advised to spread these out as far as 2,5 hours. This has everything to do with your blood circulation, energy level, sugar level and similar bodily functions. We’ve responded to this information with our Shake2Day breakfast meals. You take the shake as a “Meal” and the Break as a “Snack”.

This way you get the exact amount of calories you’d get for one full meal. Whilst this is divided into 2 easy snack moments.

2. Nutritious, healthy and complete.Shake2Day Shake en Shake2Day Break

A Shake2Day Duo Pack takes care of your body and mind with all the nutritional needs of one day. One shake contains 70% vitamins and 50% RDI* minerals and a Break contains 30% vitamins and 30% RDI* minerals. Together they take care of 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamins and 80% of the recommended daily amount of minerals. The shake also contains 5000 Orac antioxidants, which is equal to the recommended daily amount. Orac (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a method that tests and measures the amount of antioxidants in food. The breakfast is therefore very complete.

* RDI=Reference daily intake

3. The Shake2Day Duo Packs are available in the Light and Regular variants.

The Duo packs have been adapted to the daily nutritional needs. Not everyone has the same nutritional needs per day, that’s why we have 2 versions. Our Light version (504 kcal) contains less calories than the Regular version (640 kcal). The Light version is ideal for people who need less or want less calories in one day, maybe they want to lose weight? Everyone else could choose for the Regular version instead. It contains the amount of calories of one full meal according to the Reference Daily Intake (RDI).

4. No waste of food.

Wasting food is a huge problem. Especially in the time we live in now. Every Dutch citizen throws away an average of 135 kilograms of food per year. We all know it: we forget we have food in the house, we buy too many groceries, you name it. With Shake2Day you don’t throw anything away, because you have exactly the amount that you need. The products are also viable for at least one year. The breakfast meal are conveniently packaged per portion, so you do not need to waste any food.

5. Vegan but still filled with protein!

The trend to choose for a vegan and environmentally friendly lifestyle has skyrocketed. We’ve responded to this by making our Break and Light/Regular Breakfast Shakes completely free from animal products. This means that you as a vegan can use our Shake2Day packs with confidence. The Light and Regular shakes contain pumpkin protein, soya-protein and chia-protein to provide you with the necessary proteins. This is something extra that our Breakfast Shakes offer, because you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy Shake2Day.