Do you want a quick and healthy breakfast?

Do you want a quick and healthy breakfast? Then you are not the only one according to this study.

DSM research

DSM (an international scientific company in the field of health and nutrition) recently published a study on breakfast and breakfast habits. No less than 78% of the respondents indicate that they find speed the most important factor at breakfast. There is a vast majority who prefer to have a healthy breakfast. Seven out of ten people indicate that they prefer healthy food to cheap food and 59% of respondents prefer healthy food even to ‘good’ food.

In spite of the importance of speed, the Dutch do take the time for breakfast. Only 32% of respondents indicate that they take less than 5 minutes for breakfast. Breakfast cereals, bread and eggs are the most popular breakfasts here.

This is different on weekends. Then we have and take the time for breakfast. In addition to the bread, the eggs and the breakfast cereals, croissants, pancakes and French bread are also on the table.

People are busy with nutrition

Carin Gerzon, Head of Marketing and Communications at DSM, said about the research: “We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we wanted to know how many people are making breakfast a priority and what consumers have left for a healthy meal in the morning. The results of this research show that despite the busy schedules, people are still interested in their health and that they also look at the ingredients to be so aware of the quality and health of their food. ”


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